Hello everyone!

I just started another course with Blogging University, this ones all about photography so watch out there’s going to be a lot of photo’s flying around over the next four weeks!

Todays assignment is on the theme of “Home”

It looks like this little fellow certainly is at home!P1030069

Stay snug!



28 thoughts on “Home

  1. It’s good to be ” Looking at the World Through Teenage Eyes, But With The Cunning, Guile and Wisdom That Comes With Age!” I look forward to the pics

    • Dear Albert, Chutney the cat says you are very welcome to share with him if you are ever in Cornwall. He has four dogs that all from time to time share the fire with him, when the human stoker allows then!

  2. I think I’d be fighting the cat over the best spot in front of the fire…. I know, the cat would probably win… but I’d be willing to share my lap with Chutney (the cat, not the condiment) 🙂

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