You want to know a bit about me?


How about: Getting on a bit geezer, who often acts like he’s still 19; has the bruises inside and out as proof. Still blow-lamping the candle in the middle on occasions and having fun, cos this is the only chance we get!!

Passionate about lots of things, including; Grand Slam Winning Welsh Rugby Teams, Steam Engines, Gun Dogs, Travel and Adventure.

Respects; All members of our armed forces, past, present, future.
“For our tomorrow’s, they gave their today.”

Hates; Hypocrites, Audis, BMWs, 4x4s that never go off-road, people who never listen and most politicians!

I ride a wonderful Harley Davidson Softail Centenary Edition, who on the road is my best friend and I just love having you along for the ride!

“Don’t ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to!”


50 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ian. It’s Nick (of he who sits opposite your wife fame). Good lookin blog mate. Bike looks lush. I’m developing a Harley addiction….

  2. I’ve read several of your posts, but Blogging 101 has me tied to my laptop, so I thought I would jump here to your About page. I like your writing. I, too, tend to be on the shy side. I’m an introvert. My brother used to ride a Harley. Nice to meet you!

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  4. Hello, Mr. Dookes, thank you for sniffing out my blog. I am sorry to say that if you were to ride past me on your motorcycle, I would bark at you most ferociously. Fortunately, here on the Internet, you are nice and quiet, so I will not feel compelled to bark at you.

    • Hello Albert, my friends just call me Dookes and as you are now my new Doggy friend please drop the Mister bit.
      My eight year old puppy “Befff” agrees with you that my Harley is very noisy and deserves a good bark, she says that she will do an extra Woof just for you next time I start it up!

    • Hi Lili.
      That is very kind of you and yes, I gladly accept because praise from ones peers is praise indeed! Now we need to create a Yummy Cake Queen award for you! Thanks many times over and now I owe you twice over! Catch you soon, Dookes.

      • You’re very welcome Dookes and really you just deserve it with all the great photos and ideas you’ve had!! 🙂 You owe me nothing. It was all paid back as soon as you made the crepes and fruitcake – that’s like an award for me! 🙂 Though I do quite like the words ‘yummy’ and ‘Queen’. Congrats again and I’m glad you’re happy! 🙂 Lili x

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  6. Great site! I’ve only been on WP for a week now… still trying to figure things out!
    I ride a 2013 Ultra Limited. 60,000 miles in three years is t near enough! I hope you follow my trip this summer!

    Red Beard

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