Meet The Team

In my posts I often refer to my brace of two-wheeled Harley Davidson friends, so I believe that it’s only right to formally introduce them.

First up is my wonderful 2003 Centenary Edition Softail Standard, often referred to as “Harls.”
At this point I must point out that I am seriously in love with this gorgeous machine! We have travelled many, many, thousands of miles together and climbed goodness knows how many thousands of feet high into the mountains.
She’s got a 1450cc, naturally aspirated, air-cooled twin cylinder engine, a silly skinny factory semi-chopper front wheel that has a habit of sliding out in the wet and turning in viciously in the dry. Two shot-gun exhaust pipes announce our presence with a staccato rasp that is always certain to turn heads! Her pearlescent white is quite distinctive and although I’ve ridden all over Europe on her I’ve never seen another even a bit similar.DSCF1822
She’s not designed to go touring, but we have anyway and have we had some adventures!
I’ve ridden her in all-weather, from baking sun to white-out in snow and everything in-between.DSCF3485
She’s looked after me on open highways, twisty narrow mountain roads, off-road in semi-desert and then sometimes just popping down to the local shop. DSCF2371In fact, you could say that she’s my two-wheeled soul mate.

The newest addition to the team is the 2015 Ultra Limited, nicknamed “Baby.” P1030618Specifically bought for those long distance trips and to take the pressure off Harls, this is some bike. Her 1690cc fuel injected engine, six speed gearbox and cruise control makes highway munching an extremely comfortable pleasure.
She weighs in at a colossal 410kg without luggage and me, on narrow twisty mountain sections this makes her quite a handful and bloody hard work!

On Cime de la Bonette. The highest paved through road in Europe! 9383ft.

Cime de la Bonette. The highest paved through road in Europe! 9383ft.

As you can see, it hasn’t stopped us!
P1040511I guess that we are still getting to know each other, but so far so good and looking forward to many more miles to come!